Excerpt from my short story

A Walk Among Overwhelming Reality

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"I need a break," he said feeling inert.

"Let's take a walk," she suggested. "It is the easiest way to free yourself from your usual patterns."

They had just come back from days/months - time in space runs inconspicuously- mission in space. A pollution project weighed heavily upon them. They tried valiantly to sort things out, to reshuffle all data, yet the results were scanty. He definitely didn't feel in high spirits and she, being his faithful companion and more than a friend throughout these somewhat lonesome years in exploration, was a bit off color herself. She had learned to read his mind, and in such moments of torpor, knew that there was something important he tried to figure out with his fragile philosophical instruments. There was one quality she adored in him - his sanguine view of success. It was why she never gave him up. She sensed his restlessness at the moment and prodded him again.

"A quiet walk will do us good."

"Yes, you're right. I need one, a nice walk to make me relish the brilliance of the sun, a traipse under the mystery of the moon, beneath the open sky where stars twinkle as diamonds when we gaze at them here on earth, and look so different when we're out in the open space. I feel so unique when I am back here in this world"

"In this world?" she queried not understanding.

"Oh, I know it's absurd. Not completely cured of that old habit coming up from my ancestors. It should be on this world. But it is how I feel; I still think of it as 'in' instead of 'on' Earth and still believe in sunrise and sunset, although I know that the sun doesn't rise or fall. I know that we are technocrats and those words like dawn and dusk are not used anymore. I know I should say we are into sight of the sun or into the shadow zone instead of"

"Why that teacup storm?" she interrupted. "Why talk of the sun coming up or going down when you know quite well it never leaves from the solar system?"

He looked at her in amazement and abruptly roared with laughter. She sensed the humor herself. His outburst was so infectious that she could not suppress her own. As the guffaw subsided, they became aware of their surroundings.

Having walked an unconscious distance, they now stood amidst a simple, elegant suspended bridge. The river underneath was flowing at an easy pace making little ripples now and then. On one side of the bank, vegetation rioted as if inviting some loner to walk into its majestic forest of pine trees. Opposite was barren and rocky with some scrubs here and there resembling a canvas that Nature has left unfinished.

They swept a comprehensive glance the Great City in the distance, one resembling the shape of the shadow cast over the sea by a hypothetical gigantic palm tree. Crossing the span they strolled into the forest. The afternoon seemed lovely and the air delicate with the scent of the pine trees. The diminished buzz of the metropolis reached them, somewhat softened and peripheral reminding them of its not-too-distant groan.