Dead leaves

Author: MarieNickol | Date of issue: 2004

Image 04

Dead leaves burying the earth,

Sogged, crushed, a heavy heap of bodies.

Once a soul, once a spirit

And now drowned in a sea of corpses!

What enchantment do you find here my imperial towers

Looking at grey flesh, grey machines, grey streets

of trodden wastes?

Do you find excitement in this wet monotony

of lifeless things and lifeless bodies?

Look! Look again! Black blood stains cleaving

to each dead leaf,

Corpses defiled with your dust,

And why do you look away in such haste?

Each leaf is a being yearning to fulfill its existence,

Each a body longing to breathe.

Does your metallic race shine in pride to behold

this blood soaked glory?

Everywhere beautiful rot, fragrance of leaves putrify the earth,

Only the searing wind laments the dead.

Then a blast of its direful roar and

with it the Fall of Humanity!


All Rights Reserved © Marie Nickol 2004